Things to Adore

A list of things that make me happy as of late.

1. Kreayshawn’s white girl swagger.


2. Pleated midi skirts.













3. Modern Love column in The New York Times Style section

4. Pinterest

5. And this…

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Things to Adore

Let’s ignore the inconsistency of these posts and move along, shall we? One of my favorite things right now is this Deena & Ozzy travel bag. Lately it’s been getting a lot of use. I was sure it was cool when my Dad said he wanted one too.

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Spring Time

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De Colores

Loving the colors in this photo from

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Back in the land of the purple sprite

It’s been about three weeks since my return from NYC and in that time I’ve locked down a source of DI (disposable income), taken the GRE and decided to go to graphic design school. To say the least, the trip was inspiring. It was the first time I tried shooting in RAW, but I have yet to try and edit anything so hopefully the fruits of that labor will end up here soon.

I’m aware of how cliché this will sound, but part of me has always felt like I belong there… or at least in some other big, beautiful city where it’s actually apparent that the seasons are changing and walking is a feasible way of getting somewhere. I have a feeling that my excessive TV watching might have something to do with my visions of conquering the big city in a tailored pea coat, but that doesn’t make me want it any less.

One thing I’ve taken to doing is shooting food photos. My sister and I are thinking about starting a food blog featuring her recipes and my photos, so here’s a little taste! The bottom 4 photos are from an Apple Cheddar Scone recipe.

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Concrete jungle where dreams are made

So what does one do when she has limited disposable income? Visit the most expensive city in the country of course! The weekend after next I will be hitting the Big Apple, and hitting it hard. I’ve been feeling uninspired lately, so I’m really looking forward to busting out my camera with the shamelessness only tourists possess and taking pictures of all the pretty things to be seen. I’m going to try my best to document everything I eat and everyone I meet. Hopefully I can talk my best friend into checking out an AIGA Exhibition with me. We may or may not try to get tickets for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon because I think he’s funny and adorable despite the opinions of unnamed haters. How can you not love him?

Other things I’m excited about include upcoming movie Black Swan (Dec. 1) and its beautiful promo posters.


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